Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shop Pictures from Holland

My friend Stina took these photos of a gorgeous shop in Holland. I don't have the name of it at this time but she is checking and will let me know. Would love it if they have a website as well so I can direct you to that. I love the airy feel of the space and the mix of cottage and industrial accents together. The main color scheme of grey and white is very soothing and allows the textures and materials of the products to take center stage...

Inspirational Quote of the Week

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Barn House Marketplace

The Boys of Barn House just launched an online marketplace to showcase a collection of their wonderful wares. I am in love with their Vintage Home & Garden shows and the new website is just as gorgeous. They describe their new venture as, "Barn House Marketplace is an extension of the Vintage Home & Garden shows we host on our small farm in SW Washington. It is a reflection of our quest to live sustainably and our love for collection, reusing and repurposing beautiful vintage treasures. It is a testament to the community of talented decorators, artists and designers who we call The Barn House Family. And collectively, it is a small representation of The Barn House Experience."

Well said guys... Below are some of my favorite finds from the site. Check out more
here and also their blog at


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