Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cullen House in Book or Movie?

I did a post the other day on the Cullen house in the movie Twilight. This was before I had read the book and was surprised when I read the book (over the weekend) at the differences between the house used in the movie from the one described in the book. I am going to do a little comparison and then would love to get your opinion on which house you prefer.

Before I get to that I wanted to share some photos of the exterior of the Modern Countryside house in yesterday's post and also some exterior shots of the Hoke House (Cullen House in the movie Twilight). There are a lot of great similarities to the exterior features of these two homes.

The first three are of the Modern Countryside Home.

The next four are of the Hoke House from the movie.

The exterior of the Cullen house described in the book more resembles this house below. This is the Miller Tree Inn Bed & Breakfast and they advertise themselves as the "home of the Cullens".

Completely different style of architecture used for this home as opposed to the house that was featured in the movie. One traditional and the other very modern.

Which style of home would you prefer to have seen used in the movie?


Amy said...

I would have preferred a traditional house - that's what I pictured them as living in when I read the book - modern and Forks don't seem to go together...

jen said...

I saw the movie before I read the book and was really surprised about the house description. Maybe it was too hard to find a home that was traditional in the front and full of glass in the back (although I would've loved to see them try). And although I tend towards loving the old, I LOVED the house in the movie.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I would have preferred a more traditional home as well, but regardless I love the home in the movie as well. Maybe I just love Edward Cullens? :)

Anonymous said...

I would have preferred that the house in the movie more closely resemble the description in the book.

Anonymous said...

Modern Architecture is very popular in the Pacific Northwest, we are a leader actually.
Seattle is filled with modern architecture. The Hoke house is a perfect PNW house, it looks rain worthy (as it should since it's a real house).

A big white house would have been fine and realistic if Stephanie Meyer's made the Cullens live near the water, or in an inlet at least because that is where all of the old houses are located since Washington was mostly fishing, shipping, and logging. Like Port Angeles or Port Townsend where such houses actually exist.

tanielle_bagby said...


RianRae Interiors said...

Me too Tanielle!


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