Monday, September 14, 2009

A Palette of Compassion

I wanted to share the work of local artist David Hummer. He is amazingly talented but also has a very kind heart and his story of compassion was just featured on CNN. The following paragraphs are taken from the article written for CNN.

This story is not about his artistic talents, it’s about how he has helped make the world a better place. According to David “In 1989, while he was in Manhattan on a business trip with a fellow gallery owner he realized his work was about to take a different direction. He had just exited a building where they were showing Hockney’s latest work. A gallery where one with means could purchase a work of art priced in the millions. It was then that he noticed a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk with a sign on his lap asking for help. This extreme contrast of wealth and poverty came as a shock.

A few years later his work transformed into realist portraits of homeless people in an attempt to create an awareness of an ever-increasing problem in the US. He abandoned his gallery business and would spend the next 15 years producing these portraits and working with homeless shelters and nonprofit organizations”.

Read more about this wonderful story right here,

Although the story is featured around his previous work of the homeless, he also does some beautiful work with children, some of my favorites shown above. The last two are currently hanging in my studio and were done with sharpie marker and watercolor. You can view more of his work on his site at If you are interested in a personal commission with David, please contact me and I would be happy to get you in touch with him. Enjoy:)


Shaina said...

beautiful! amazing story! thank you for sharing ;)

Just beautiful things... said...

Glad you enjoyed it Shaina! The story is beautiful and his artwork and talent are amazing... xoxo, Jen


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