Friday, April 13, 2012

Sweet Words to a Mother's Heart

There are moments that occur with a Mother and her children that she wants to engrave in her memory forever... I had one of those Mom moments this week with my sweet Saylee.

Saylee wasn't feeling the best a couple mornings ago so I told her I would bring her some medicine and lunch to school at lunchtime. Had a great lunch and went on the playground afterwards so she could show me some things she could do on the monkey bars... When I told her I had to leave she hugged and hugged me and kept giving me kisses and said I'm going to miss you so much. When you go to your car look back for me b/c I will be waving to you. So when I got to my car I turn around and she was there against the fence waving and blowing me kisses. She kept waving until she saw the car driving out of sight...

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