Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall is in the Air

This past weekend we took the girls to the Fall Festival downtown. There were baby animals, a pumpkin patch, and caramel apples. We took a horse drawn carriage ride through the streets of downtown (sorry, no pictures from the ride). The girls just adored the baby animals. So much that if I didn't have enough "on my plate" already, I think it would be neat to get some. We have an old chicken coup on the property that would be a perfect home for them.

I am not sure what they were doing in this picture but I believe it was a little "happy dance" they did after getting to see the baby animals.

It is really starting to feel like fall here now. The leaves are already turning and falling to the ground. It seems a bit early to me this year but it could be because we hardly had any rain this summer. This morning I stepped out on our front porch and the sunrise was so beautiful, I had to grab the camera and take a few shots. There was a hazy fog and it was just starting to lift when I took these pictures.

I promise some design related posts yet this week. Have a great day!

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