Friday, September 12, 2008

Getting to know RianRae

Well, it was high time that I took this plunge into the blogging world. I am starting this blog as a place to catalog the things that inspire me in my daily life as well as in my business. It is also a way for my customers to learn a little bit more about myself and for me to get to know them as well.

I have been enthralled with the world of design since I was a little girl. My father started his own construction company when I was first born and I have always had an interest in the process of building and creating things. In middle school, I began dreaming of becoming an architect and designer and even created some of my own "house plans". By the time I was in high school, I was officially obsessed with design and decorating. When most of my friends were buying magazines on style and fashion, I was spending any extra money on home magazines and any decorating books I could get my hands on. My spare time was spent moving things around in my room as well as dreaming about the places I would someday decorate. It was in high school that I realized being an architect would never suit me as I am terrible in Math and that required a lot of it. In college, I studied Interior Design and Business with the dream of one day opening up my own shop.

Which leads us to today and the creation of RianRae. My business is a reflection of all the things that I love. Romantic light fixtures, reclaimed furniture, modern accessories, vintage industrial accents, and textiles full of texture. I am very passionate about taking things and using them in unexpected ways. This could mean pairing a romantic crystal chandelier with a rustic wood table or a piece of furniture made from cast off wood and industrial wheels. When I see objects or vignettes like this, my heart starts to race and I feel this giddy excitement bubble up inside of me. There is nothing more exciting, than unearthing a new treasure or finding something that someday could become "magnificent".

My family is a major part of my life and a source of great joy to me. My husband and I were high school sweethearts and have been together for over half of my life. He is my "rock" and although design does not interest him in the least, he has always been supportive and encouraging in my endeavors. Another source of inspiration are my two little girls. They are forever challenging me (in more ways than one...) and even express an interest in the business at their tender age. My five year old likes to peruse the items we have available online and recently said to me, "Mom, when are you going to put something new on your website? I need something new to look at, I have seen all this before!". There it is, out of the mouths of babes. The good news is, we are busy adding a bunch of new items that will be available early this week. There are also plans for a new promo coming up in honor of our new finds and the quickly approaching fall season. If you wish to be notified of this promo and other exciting announcements, you can add yourself to our email list.

The Butterfly Collection, Carmen Chandelier, and Agadir Poufs are all available online today. Please click on each item name above to go and view item details.

I am loving deep mossy greens and plum colors for this fall. These colors evoke thoughts of the musky woodsy scents that come up from the earth this time of year. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I cherish the crisp fall nights and the changing colors of nature.

As I was looking through photos today, I came across one from fall of last year and thought it was fitting. My girls had just finished jumping in a pile of freshly raked leaves and are sharing a moment of sisterly love:)

Well, that concludes my introduction and first post. I have best intentions to post weekly but it may turn out to be less or more depending on what is happening that week. We would love to hear your comments or questions.

Kind Regards, Jeni

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