Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Villa Augustus

Villa Augustus is located in the southern Netherlands in the city of Dordrecht, the oldest city in the Netherlands. Villa Augustus, an old water tower and pumping station, now converted into a one-of-a-kind hotel, restaurant and market-café, has become the latest hotspot in the area. Around the hotel, where the large water basins were originally situated, a magnificent garden park has been laid-out, with romantic nooks and crannies and a bounteous fruit and vegetable garden that supplies the restaurant with much of the delicious produce that are used and sold. The old pumping station now works as a café-cum-market, where you can buy almost anything they produce, including fresh bread, jams, pies, and wine. The entire place is very creatively decorated in a style that mixes the grandiose with the simple and the modern in a way that respects the site's history and previous function. Love the large open concept rooms, retro furniture and the giant crystal chandeliers.

Check out more on the Villa Augustus here.


Amy said...

My job would be much better if I too could sit behind a hot pink desk all day!

RianRae Interiors said...

I am SO diggin the pink desk Amy! Besides pink IS my favorite color..


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