Monday, May 25, 2009

Loving Chalkboard Walls

I have longed to put a chalkboard wall in my home for quite sometime now but am now thinking of doing one in the studio. Maybe with some whimsical chalk drawings of ferns & botanicals...

Photos courtesy of Desire to Inspire and Apartment Therapy.


Cote de Texas said...

One day - I 'm going to do this somewhere, somehow - I have always loved this look!!!

thank you so much for your comment today - it meant the world to me.

RianRae Interiors said...

Joni, you are such a sweetheart:)

I hear ya on the chalkboard wall, I am going to do it someday too! Hopefully sooner than later...

Jenny said...

I have some chalkboard wall images in my inspiration binders for our next home.

Love them & can't wait for the chalk fights that will ensue (from the children, of course.)


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