Monday, June 1, 2009


Be still my beating *heart*... Can you imagine having this place as your own private getaway? Clingstone is located in the Narraganaset bay of Rhode Island. The house boasts 4 stories and 23 rooms. Despite it's massive size, the interior of the house appears to still encompass that cozy welcoming feel of a smaller cottage. The most amazing part of the story of this house to me is that the current owner, Henry Wood, purchased the house in 1961 for the sum of $3,600.00. It had sat vacant for over two decades but I would still say he got one heck of a bargain.

My favorite part just might be the sign posted on the wall next to the ladder that leads up to the rooftop...

The story originally ran in the New York times but I read about it on the fabulous blog of Megan Arquette, who writes the blog BeachBungalow8. Read more about Clingstone on her blog here.

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Oh my God, what a beautiful, amazing, house - it's breathtaking!! Thanks for sharing it.

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