Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness with Secret Agent L

I have always enjoyed surprises myself and thus have found pleasure over the years in doing little things for people that make them smile. I love that feeling you get the moment you see the face of someone you care about light up because you thought to do something special for them, no matter how big or small. It makes my heart do a little 'flip flop' and it feels oh so good. But what about a random act of kindness for someone you will never meet and that will never be able to repay you? I just read about a woman who has made it her mission to do just that, meet Secret Agent L. Her tag line is, "specializing in anonymous acts of kindness and day-brightening". How cool is that.

You can sign up to be an honorary agent and Secret Agent L will send you a mission. I am thinking about going undercover myself, I always wanted to be a secret agent (although I will admit, part of that fantasy involved me performing some really killer karate moves as well). Stay tuned for more details and photos on my "assignment". If you decide to perform your own mission or have your own story of a recent random act of kindness you have experienced, I would love to hear about it.

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