Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tent Decorating with the Barn House Boys

I have blogged about the Barn House Boys and all their fabulousness before but had to share the results of the beautiful tent decorating contest they recently put on for their guests.

If someone put this together for me on my property, I just might consider moving in permanently...

*Photos courtesy of the BarnHouse Images and tent design by Deb Kennedy...


DebK said...

Hello.... during a search for images of this tent, I discovered your post. I am the designer, and appear in the photos you have posted here. I believe that these were taken by Joe Apodaca, of BarnHouse, and originally posted on his blog.

Since your blog is showing up in results for image searches on BarnHouse and Retreat (my business at the time), it would be very appreciated if you would give credit for both the tent (Retreat) and the photographer (Joe Apodaca|BarnHouse Images). Thank you so much.

Deb Kennedy
formerly of Retreat

Just beautiful things... said...

Hi Deb! Thanks for the message. I just added the info you mentioned and beautiful work! The tent retreat is fabulous!! :)

xoxo, Jen


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