Thursday, May 12, 2011

Letter to the fairies

I found this note on our sofa yesterday morning with the camera sitting on top of it. It was written by my 7 year old daughter, Saylee.

To: fairies
From: Saylee a fan of yours

Dear fairies, I am not going to harm you. But will you send me a photo of one of you guys. Will not show anyone but my best friend shes a fan too. P.S. Send me a note back.

She is forever writing me the best love notes but this letter to the fairies is something new for her. She is such an amazing child with the biggest heart and great imagination. Still trying to figure out my response but I believe it's going to involve a picture of some sort sent in the mail with fairy dust (glitter) and such in the envelope. Still brainstorming ideas and want to make it really special for her...

1 comment:

Al said...

What a sweet little note. Children are so magical and full of innocence. Your idea for a return letter is a good one. Can't wait to hear how it goes :)


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