Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quote of the Week


C, A, and girls said...

I enjoy reading your quotes and seeing the lovely things that you find. I do have to say, though, that while this is a nice sentiment, and while it's true that there are some people who make us miserable that we need to be wise enough to distance ourselves from, that it would be quite a selfish task to make sure that we were happy all the time. Sometimes we do unpleasant things or things that make us unhappy for the benefit of those we love. The pursuit of our own happiness, all the time, would make us lonely, unhappy people in the end.

Just beautiful things... said...

Thank you for your comment and for sharing your thoughts. :) I do agree and I think the world is a better place b/c of all the wonderful people out there that put others before themselves... What about when people are intentionally trying to put others down? I guess for me that was more where it hit home for me. That I think sometimes we focus too much energy on those that treat us badly. Thoughts? xoxo, Jen

C, A, and girls said...

It is a sad thing when someone is trying to hurt you for the sake of it. And I agree, like I said before about distancing ourselves from those who make us is a hard thing to do but necessary sometimes. I know that in my own family, it's hard to distance myself from some who are constantly negative and I keep trying to go back and fix it, when loving at a distance would probably be wiser for my heart.

I do think that in this age of self-help that there are times when our own pursuit of happiness can lead to selfishness, and that it is a culturally acceptable thing sometimes. I have just heard often lately that "I deserve this" or "Put your own oxygen mask on first" as a quote of treating yourself best, and while I think that moms, especially, are guilty of not taking care of ourselves, it's kind of silly how often things are suggested to be about us-ourselves. I wasn't trying to be negative towards you, just thought I'd throw out a view that a blanket "we must be happy" is not always the best way to live life.

I do love quotes, and keep many of them in a book, including many of yours. I just tend to read more into them than is always necessary. :)

Elizabeth.McAuley said...

good quote and so true!

Veronica Lee said...

Great quote!

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